Want to become a bereavement doula?

If you want to become an HCBD Haven Certified Bereavement Doula, you’ll start by taking our flagship course, Bereavement Doula Training, which equips and prepares you for bereavement work with loss families. It also sets you up for success in becoming a certified bereavement doula. Learn more about the HBCD Haven Certified Bereavement Doula training and certification programs here.

And, if you’re considering bereavement doula work but aren’t sure yet if it’s for you, take our free mini course, “Should I become a bereavement doula?”, for more information.

Looking for free skills sessions?

Our next quarterly skills session will take place July 18, 2024. These events are freely available to anyone who is on our newsletter for doulas and other birthworkers; please sign up here.

Need to learn bereavement skills right this minute?

This short course, Caring for Clients through Loss, covers the basics of bereavement support. It’s three hours of content, but if you just have time to watch the video explaining common options families have, or to listen to common considerations for a miscarriage, you can get those details, and only those details, immediately.

This training is approved for 3 continuing education hours with DONA International.

Considering bereavement work but need more info?

Join one of my Bereavement Doula Q&A events online. I’ll tell you a bit about bereavement doula work and answer any questions you need in order to decide whether this work is right for you.

Already a birth doula, looking to add some bereavement support skills?

If you’re already trained or training as a birth doula, the one-hour Basics of Bereavement Support class is for you.

It’s accredited for one continuing education hour with DONA International.

Looking for a short but deep bereavement training?

I teach a 5-hour training with the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death (accredited for five CEUs with DONA International). I have offered this training both for wide audiences and for more specific subgroups (doulas, Catholics, chaplains, and more). To learn more about this course, please visit my website or the ISBBD website. My version of this training is approved for 5 continuing education hours with DONA International.

A recorded version of this training (specifically designed for doulas, but open to all) is available for purchase here.

If you want to bring this training to your community, I would love to talk about how I can serve you. Please email me at

Considering taking your bereavement work to the next level?

Book a mentorship call with me, and we’ll work through your specific challenges together. Maybe you want to know more about becoming an HCBD Haven Certified Bereavement Doula. Maybe you are looking for a way to share your insights with the broader grief community. Maybe you have questions about working after your own loss. Whatever it is, I am here for you.

You can come to our meeting with questions prepared or ready for me to lead the conversation. Either way, I’m looking forward to hearing what your journey has looked like so far and in helping you in its next chapter, however I can.

Need a childbirth education class for loss births?

Our new course, Labor & Birth Before 20 Weeks Gestation, will be available soon. Sign up for the waitlist for a special discount when registration opens.