What’s a bereavement doula?

A bereavement doula…

is someone who supports and holds space for families through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss.

An HCBD Haven Certified Bereavement Doula is a professional griefworker and caregiver who supports loss families physically, emotionally, spiritually and philosophically, advocationally, informationally, and socially.

An HCBD Haven Certified Bereavement Doula is a place of refuge, a heart of shelter and protection, and a beacon or sanctuary of solace and security from the outside world in times of grief.

Hi, I’m Abby Jorgensen, longtime bereavement doula. I’ve had the honor of walking with over 150 families as they welcome their little ones, particularly when they have to say hello and goodbye in the same breath. As a sociologist who studies families, and as a loss mom myself, I work to make sure that loss parents feel heard, loved, and held throughout their grieving process.

Please reach out to me at abbythesociologistdoula.com if you are a loss parent looking for resources or support.

And if you’re interested in becoming an HCBD Haven Certified Bereavement Doula, welcome home and welcome to your community! You’ve found your people. Email me at abbythesociologistdoula@gmail.com, or set up a coffee with me here, and let’s connect.