How to become a bereavement doula

The first step toward becoming a bereavement doula is discerning whether the work is right for you and, if so, if now is the time to pursue it. You can take this free short course to help you consider what a bereavement doula does and needs.

Next, you can sign up for a Haven Bereavement Doula Training. Upcoming dates are listed below:

Friday evenings, February – March 2024 (class full)

Tuesday evenings, May 21 – June 25, 2024

Monday evenings, July 22 – August 26, 2024 (registration opening soon; join the waitlist here)

Fast-track: Tuesday and Saturday evenings, October 1-19, 2024 (registration opening soon; join the waitlist here)

You do not need to become fully certified as an HCBD Haven Certified Bereavement Doula after this training. You can take the training alone. However, the cost of certification is included in your training price of $457; other than access to some books, this package accounts for every cost involved in becoming an HCBD Haven Certified Bereavement Doula.

Finally, you begin the work. As you do, our community will be behind you, supporting you every bit of the way.

HCBD Haven Certified Bereavement Doulas provide the highest level of research-based, grief-informed, holistic, and professional bereavement doula support. The certification requirements include:

  • completion of our Bereavement Doula Training (which includes membership for 1 year),
  • membership in good standing,
  • agreement with our code of ethics and scope of practice,
  • completion of our reading list,
  • skills practicum, and
  • a reflection.

Each HCBD Haven Certified Bereavement Doula will be listed on our directory, if they so choose, and will receive access to continuing education opportunities, community, and ongoing institutional support.

Certification and recertification applications are reviewed monthly. Certification in good standing requires renewal every three years.